Cute Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Cute Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Pregnant photo is collectively referred to as pregnant women pregnant wedding photos. Many women because of pregnancy, when the body deformation, deterioration of the skin and do not want to go out, and now taken maternity booking more and more mothers are asked of point makeup, put on all sorts of styles of maternity, shoot some fashion, the avant-garde photos. Some also specifically asked the exposed bulging belly or draw some painted on the belly.

Pregnant women painted photographs, painting division will use lipstick, eye shadow and other cosmetics on pregnant belly painted on some warm lovely patterns. Pregnant women are generally painted according to the pattern of cartoon images, more lovely smile, cute little girl or boy is welcome.

Pregnant women, according to a variety of forms, shooting style is also full of tricks. There do partial close-up of the stomach, such as exposing the bulging belly or draw some with lipstick, eye shadow and other cosmetics cute patterns painted on the belly ; has demonstrated lateral perspective, the performance characteristic curve mothers. Young mothers on their own belly no longer feel ugly, shy, and in front of the camera to show more happiness and unique beauty.

The best choice for professional photography agency pregnant shooting, photographers have more experience, but there are a lot of specialized maternity clothes to choose from, most importantly, the photographer will shoot in natural light, more natural sound. Good communication and customer service staff in advance, few people choose the day to shoot, do not wait too long to let mothers.

Pregnant women taking pictures will not cause bad effects on the fetus health? Tianjin Women and Children Care Center FuBao Guidance Division of the country, said the doctor, first of all, expectant mothers when pregnant photo shoot, it is best not shared cosmetics with others, especially some of the beauty you can draw your own makeup, because maternal immunity is poor, vulnerable to external pathogens and microbial infections, and most cosmetics contain various chemical ingredients and pigments, heavy metals and other substances, is likely to cause adverse reactions ; secondly, to go out or take pictures in winter to keep warm and avoid cold cold, affect maternal and child health ; again, if the filming process is the use of natural light or lighting usually does not cause harm to the fetus body.

Pregnant women in the choice of wedding wedding dress fabrics, textures and colors also pay attention to. If the pregnant bride seems to have a little fat, it is best not choose white wedding dress, choosing instead to beige, champagne, light gold. Also avoid using fabric satin, satin has expanded because of the effect. You can choose more style lace because lace can produce soft and pack visual effects.