How To Shoot A Wedding

How To Shoot A Wedding

Nearly often see many articles describe the wedding photo shoot when encountered relatives steal the spotlight, that is blocked, or boom thus becomes messy. For a professional wedding documentary photographers, relatives and friends met in the meeting room photography group is inevitable, but how to deal with this situation, and how photography while guiding other players to accomplish the mission ? And if today we are friends and relatives, and how should we achieve a win-win wedding photo with it?

Wedding photography is a happy work, feel the feeling of happiness every time, whether it is the expression of dismay parents, or the couple ‘s joy and intentions, and so beautiful, as long as photography enthusiasts, certainly will not help picked up a camera to record the moment, then, whether a wedding photographer, photography group or friends, they will be another card to, here are angle photography wedding photographer & friends group discussion.

And general relatives photography group most different places, is usually taken first marriage and the new processes and people discussed the order, so the camera will be able to pre- marriage couple’s next step will be to know how to walk. Then let yourself stand in the best position, and guide to friends and relatives will not bother to compare the subject of marriage but good location, so friends and relatives would be willing to follow your guide, each able to take good pictures, sometimes also proposed new process better way to keep shooting more smoothly, occasionally if you encounter Photography Novice, timely recipe taught to shoot right way, but also helps to avoid errors due to shooting techniques, proactive interference into our marriage work.

Observation Mission photographic equipment, to assess whether there is a barrier wedding photo props, generally harmless flash fact, the opportunity will also pressed into the same number of seconds, not much, but be careful infrared focus, if you see someone use the best asked him to shut down because of the infrared focus relatively long residence time is very easy to be taken into the screen, but also ask friends and relatives to keep a distance with the new world, in order to avoid each other’s mirror bit stuck.

In fact, the easiest and video games teacher to interfere with each other, sometimes in order to screen, video from the new teacher will need relatively close distance, or when taking into photography in the video screen. Therefore, the court wedding photo video teacher if there is, in fact, need to discuss with each other. Have access to marriage records several occasions, often to communicate with each other can be to reduce mutual interference, of course, have seen some wedding photo and marriage records played together teams should be more understanding of the fit right.